• Our company

    The company was founded under the registered trademark OGGI, which means “today” in Italian. The team of twenty members started designing collections for young women who wanted to look stylish and fashionable. The apparel was made at the local factories in Saint Petersburg.

    OGGI opened the first ten 100 m² stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The collections expanded to 600 designs per year. The fashionable, high-quality clothing at affordable prices became extremely popular among young female customers. The company started developing rapidly.

    The company operated 150 stores in Russia. The first 400 m² stores were opened and apparel collections expanded. Moving production to China allowed the company to reduce prices.

    The company became closer to the fashion world by opening a design studio in Paris. The international team of Russian and French designers started developing new collections together.

    OGGI operated 300 stores in Russia. New stores were opened in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    The company launched the men’s apparel collection. The clothing range expanded to 5,000 designs per year and the first 1,000 m² stores were opened. Due to entering the European market, the company changed its brand name to oodji. The first stores opened in the Czech Republic and Poland.

    The company’s turnover reached 380 million euros. The oodji brand stepped into the future by launching an online store. Young people welcomed the wide range of clothing, the service and affordable prices. Online sales became popular among customers.

    The oodji company had 2,500 employees and 350 stores in 7 countries. The company’s presence expanded worldwide.

    The brand’s collections are now available in Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain. You can buy our products at Amazon Europe online marketplaces.

    Oodji is rapidly growing and is preparing to enter the international markets in China, USA and Japan.